Let's Drive Change in the World Together

Our products, research, and services are focused on enhancing citizen services, national security, and public safety.

Custom Software Development

As a leading software solution provider, Forward Edge AI’s dedicated development teams tackle complex problems in four key segments: social justice, business solutions, public safety, and national security. We have expertise in developing mega-scale, high-performance/availability safety-critical software.

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    Digital Transformation

    The speed of disruptive innovation took many organizations by surprise, particularly in integrating Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation into their operations. With the lines between physical, digital, and biological space blurring, digital transformation leaders are reimagining ways of bringing people, processes, and data together to create better value for customers.

    We have a clear understanding of what it means to deliver the promise of digital transformation. Forward Edge-AI partners with our customers to create digital-focused action plans and establish the means to implement digital strategies.

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    Forward Edge-AI participates in the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program – America’s Seed Fund. Our research is funded by the National Science Foundation, the US Air Force/AFWERX, and the Department of Commerce. Forward Edge-AI is led by Eric Adolphe, the first African American SBIR Tibbetts Award recipient and a National Inventors Hall of Fame Honoree.

    We are conducting bleeding-edge research in deep technologies to counter Adversarial Artificial Intelligence, Chemical Agents and Biological Pathogens, Scams and Misinformation, and Foreign Influence Operations.

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    Other things in our wheelhouse include

    Knowledge Graphs
    Machine Learning
    Artificial Intelligence
    Data Lifecyle Management
    A.I Test and Evaluation

    AI for Humanity

    Through our unique approach to AI Governance, we have created a growing pipeline of custom products and services. Book a meeting with our team to learn how we can work together.