AI for Government

Forward Edge-AI was founded to support the people and programs of American Citizens as a trusted Federal government industry partner.

Sixteen Trillion Dollars

According to the U.S Department of Defense, the AI enterprise will grow to this amount by 2030. The benefits of AI include helping agencies solve complex problems, make critical decisions, and manage massive data. And our security, prosperity, and civil liberties are becoming influenced by AI at unprecedented speeds and scale.

Services that Enhance National Security and Public Safety

Industry Awards and Recognitions

Forward Edge-AI is honored to be recognized for our outstanding performance by the industry, and our Federal partners

2021 FCW FED 100
2021 Service to the Citizen
AFFIRM Leadership

AI for Humanity

Through our unique approach to AI Governance, we have created a growing pipeline of custom products and services. Book a meeting with our team to learn how we can work together.