Resiliency Against Attacks

Our technology offers a digital source of truth, providing the capability to connect models, and all associated data, functional support, and software that govern the system lifecycle phase.

57% of all Companies are using AI

As cyberattacks and ransomware grow in volume and complexity, Forward Edge-AI’s tools are helping under-resourced security operations stay ahead of threats.

Protection in the Physical and Virtual world

We leverage research in Artificial Intelligence, chemistry, biology, and cognitive/human behavioral sciences to combat digital as well as physical pathogens

Industry Awards and Recognitions

Forward Edge-AI is honored to be recognized for our outstanding performance by the industry, and our Federal partners

2021 FCW FED 100
2021 Service to the Citizen
AFFIRM Leadership

AI for Humanity

Through our unique approach to AI Governance, we have created a growing pipeline of custom products and services. Book a meeting with our team to learn how we can work together.