Fair, inclusive and resilient AI

We are on a quest to create AI for the benefit of humanity.

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Our goal is to become the dominant player in Artificial Intelligence, and lead the revolution in augmenting technology with human intelligence.

Our Leadership Team

Our experienced team has established, operated, acquired, and sold three high-growth deep technology companies.

Our Products

Detect harmful chemicals and microbes in ten seconds for less than one cent per test.
The only crypto powered SMS phishing blocker on the market.
An open-source Rosetta stone for building tools to combat disinformation.

AI for Humanity

Through our unique approach to AI Governance, we have created a growing pipeline of custom products and services at various stages of development across a range of customer use cases.

Business Partners

We work with the world’s leading technology companies, non-profits, and academic research institutions to unlock the power of AI  and develop solutions to complex problems.

Nonprofits that we Proudly Support

Creating a strong community bond is critical. Our support extends to foundations that empower underrepresented talent, honor first responders, and support our elder community.

Join Forward Edge-AI

Most things worth doing were declared impossible before they were accomplished.

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My time with Forward Edge-AI has been one of the most rewarding opportunities within my career to date. Initially, I was nervous that I would not perform up to standards, but the team was very welcoming and excited to have me on board. There was a steep learning curve, but I learned more than I could have imagined. I will forever be grateful for all of the technical and professional skills Forward Edge AI has provided me.

Paige H.

I would like to thank ForwardEdge-AI for the amazing opportunity. I learned so much in time with them. I was able to work on a wide range of tasks and projects, from using Azure to build and deploy a bot for the Gabriel Robocall Blocker App to developing data engineering and machine learning models for Raman spectroscopy. Each project was challenging but also very rewarding. The work culture made me feel a part of this wonderful company.

Ikechukwu A.

Thanks to all ForwardEdge-AI Leadership team for giving me this awesome opportunity through this internship, I explored new technologies I never knew before, My machine learning understanding was strengthened, and creativity was activated. I had a chance to develop a Bot in the Azure Communication Service environment and develop several Machine Learning models. Indeed this was a worthwhile and rewarding experience for me, and through that, I’m prepared to solve real-world problems using technology as ForwardEdge-AI always does.

Staphord B.

Thank you for this opportunity! My experience at ForwardEdge-AI did not just start and end with working. It involved a deep learning curve wherein I was familiarized with the latest technologies and rewarded with the opportunity to work on an amazing product. Also, the impeccable work culture made me feel a part of this company greatly.

Kanika N.

I have learned so much in my time at ForwardEdge-AI. This internship was both challenging and rewarding, but I have gained the experience that will help me in my future career. This was a fantastic opportunity and I’m glad I was able to participate in creating the Gabriel app.

Ben A.
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